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Calling all former Aberdyfi lifeboat crew! 14th October

We are trying to put together a mailing list for an up coming event to celebrate the 50th anniversary since the station was re-opened. We want to get in touch with and invite as many of the people involved with the station since it opened in's where you come in...

email: with your details....

Please let us know name, role and dates, address, phone. Now we know not everyone's online so if you also know of and are in contact with any other ex station people could you please spread the word or pass on their details too?


Lifeboat week 2013 - Saturday 27th July - Friday 2nd August
Aberdyfi's annual fundraising week will take place during the last week in July, all welcome!
Saturday 27th July – Flag Day
Sunday 28th July – 3 pm, Abergynolwyn Silver Band, Sand Castle Competition and Afternoon Tea in the Boathouse
Monday 29th July - 6.30 pm, Beach Games
Tuesday 30th July - 3 pm, Afternoon Tea, Coffees and Cake in the Boathouse followed by a Fun Run for all ages, registration 4 pm, Fun Run 6 pm
Wednesday 31st July – 7.30 pm, Quiz Night in the Yacht Club
Thursday 1st August – 7.00 pm, Lifeboat Exercise and Demonstration, Duck Race and Barbecue
Friday 2nd August - 6.00 pm Raft Race and Barbecue
The Biggest party of the year! 4th June 2012

The RNLI Aberdyfi Branch is putting the final touches to their plans for the Biggest Party of the Year on the 4th June to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.   They are delighted and slightly overwhelmed by the level of support of that is coming from all corners of the village.    All that is needed now is the weather!!

The Fireworks are paid for and in the course of preparation. The commemorative glasses are being etched with a unique design for the day.   The ladies of the village are busy baking and the butcher getting ready to supply vast quantities of burgers and sausages.  The buns and rolls will be baked the day before so they are as fresh as possible.

All proceeds will be going towards the RNLI in Aberdyfi.

Events include;

-A flotilla of boats on parade in the estuary

-Live music all day

-Barbeque and afternoon teas

-Fully licenced bar

-Aberdovey firework display

Please see the poster opposite for details, or contact David Inman on (01654) 767079

Three shouts in one week for Aberdovey Lifeboat April 30th 2012

The boat launched three times last week, though fortunately to nothing serious.

20/4/12 Windsurfer in difficulty.

Aberdyfi lifeboat self launched to a windsurfer having difficulty in re launching/starting in strong wind and ebb tide conditions within the Aberdyfi estuary. As the boat launched the young man managed to get back to the shore on the Aberdyfi side of the estuary but was very tired and also confused due to a knock to the head. The decision was made to transfer the casualty by boat to the boathouse where an ambulance was waiting to give him a check up due to time in the water and a knock to the head. He was given the all clear and headed home for a hot bath. Crew was Wil Stockford (Helm), Arwel Jones and Josh Stewart (Crew).

27/4/12 Private fishing vessel with engine failure.

A request was made to Aberdyfi Harbour for assistance by a 21 foot private fishing vessel following engine failure in the estuary. The information was relayed to MHCG and the lifeboat launched with Howard Crompton (Helm), Josh Stewart and Mo Chapman (Crew). The casualty vessel placed directly into alongside tow and returned to her mooring with her two crew then making there own way safely to shore.

28/4/12 Missing kayaker.

Aberdyfi lifeboat launched at 1600 hrs to search upstream for a kayaker 1hr over due at Fron Goch boat yard. Following a search of the Harbour and local area the boat preceded cautiously up stream with a neap ebb tide proving a good test early in the season. Aberdyfi LB was joined on scene by Borth LB who with a lesser draft were able to continue further up stream and were also assisted by RAF Rescue 122 and North Wales Police NW01. The kayaker was found safe and well after capsizing and making his own way to a nearby nature reserve very cold and wet. He was treated by an ambulance crew and given a lift by car to his final destination much to the relief of his nearest and dearest. The boat was stood down and returned to station at 1715hrs.


Aberdovey Helm wins New Covent Garden Soup Competition January 2012


Aberdovey Helmsman Robin Goodlad has won the New Covent Garden Soup of the Month competition for March 2012.

New Covent Garden Soup Co, which has been supporting the RNLI since 2010, ran a competition looking for ideas for a soup suitable for a cold and hungry lifeboat crew. Robin's idea – Chipotle Chilli Bean and Chorizo – was deemed the winner

The soup wil be on sale in supermarkets in March, with New Covent Garden Soups pledging to raise at least £6000 for the RNLI from sales of the soup.

The soup goes on sale in UK branches of Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose in March. If you can't wait that long, the recipe is now available on the New Covent Garden Soup Co website.

click here to view the recipe on the NCG website

Swimmer in serious difficulty rescued off Aberdovey 16th July 2011

The Aberdovey RNLI lifeboat was called to the aid of three swimmers who got into serious difficulties off the coast to the north of Aberdovey late on Saturday afternoon.

They had been caught in a strong rip current and had it not been for the speedy response of the lifeboat, the consequences could have been disastrous.

The coastguard had been informed of the swimmers being dragged out to sea and immediately requested a lifeboat launch just before 5pm.

The lifeboat launched within 5 minutes of the call and having negotiated some rough conditions crossing the sandbar, arrived on scene 10 minutes later to find one swimmer having made it ashore and two still in the water.

Having pulled them both on board the lifeboat, it was clear that one was in a potentially serious condition.

The search and rescue helicopter from RAF Valley in Anglesey was requested and the lifeboat headed back to Aberdovey with both casualties on board.

They were taken into the lifeboat station and made comfortable until an ambulance arrived, followed soon after by the RAF helicopter.

The ambulance and helicopter crews administered first aid to the more serious casualty until they were happy that he was ready to travel.

He was then stretchered onto the awaiting helicopter and transferred to Bangor Hospital for further treatment.

Nick Dawson, the Aberdovey RNLI lifeboat helmsman said: 'He was a very lucky chap. Had we not got to him as quickly as we did, the consequences could have been far more serious.'

Aberdovey Lifeboat Week

23rd-30th July

The programme for lifeboat week is as follows, with the addition of the inaugural Aberdovey music festival on Saturday, not to be missed! Please come along, get involved, and show your support.

23rd July-Flag day, please support the collectors around the village, ducks on sale today and all week for the duck race on Friday.

24th July-Abergynolwyn silver band, 3 PM

25th July-Beach games, 6.30PM

26th July-Annual coffee evening, 7 PM

27th July-Quiz night in the boathouse 7PM

28th July-BBQ from 6PM, Raft racing 7PM (rafts supplied)

29th July-Lifeboat exercise demonstration, followed by the infamous duck race! 3.30PM

29th and 30th July-RNLI music festival, featuring Martin and Phillip Hugil, Catrin O'Neill, Bracken, Boggy Mountain boys, Funky Monkey, and the Desperados! See separate poster for details.

Aberdovey crew take part in major flood exercise 10th March 2011

Four members of Aberdovey lifeboat crew have taken part in the largest flood exercise ever carried out in the UK, on Bala Lake, as part of Exercise Watermark. Ian Jewell, Howard Crompton, Alice Beetlestone, and Robin Goodlad (who now manages the RNLI Flood Rescue Teams), were involved in the one day exercise which included scenarios such as rescuing casualties from a flooded caravan, and a casualty trapped in a weir.

The crew from Aberdovey are part of the RNLI West division Flood Rescue Team, which may be called upon to perform rescues in locations similar to the floods Cockermouth in 2009. This would involve the team members working anywhere in the UK for up to four days as part of a national response.

In all, 10,000 people participated in the exercise which involved 10 government departments, emergency responders, utility companies, hospitals and schools.  The rehearsal came as the result of a recommendation by Sir Michael Pitt who conducted a wide-ranging report following flooding in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire in the summer of 2007.

During Exercise Watermark, RNLI volunteers got the opportunity to work alongside crews from the FRS, the RAF, the MCA, the RSPCA, the British Red Cross, Mountain Rescue and specialist ambulance crews.


Royal wedding fundraiser 29th April 2011

There will be a fundraising event in the boat house on the evening of the royal wedding (for those who arent invited to the big event!) Featuring Afternoon tea from 4.30PM onwards, followed by music from Stuart Nelson and "The Ruffians", a barbeque from 5.00PM, and a licenced bar in the Yacht club next door. Band on from 7.30PM.

Tickets £8 on the door, all proceeds to RNLI Aberdovey


Boat rescue on the bar in heavy surf 10/10/10
The boat was launched at 3pm on Saturday 9th October to a 19ft fishing boat aground and swamped on the bar. with 4ft surf and a strong easterly wind 'Sandwell Lifeline' was required to locate the boat and tow it with its ocupants to immediate safety in deeper water, before towing them back in to Aberdovey. The salvage pump was used to empty water from the vessel to prevent it from sinking.
Many thanks to John Mason of Machynlleth for the photographs;

Busy Week for Aberdovey Lifeboat 16/08/10

The lifeboat has launched 6 times in one week this week for a variety of calls as the august holidays are in full swing. These included a speedboat which sank with two persons on board who were found clinging to a seat which was all that remained of their boat; a kitesurfer who dropped his kite in the water near the bar, A fishing vessel with engine trouble, 4 swimmers clinging to a mooring buoy in the river, and a windsurfer on the bar.

Medevac in Aberdovey 7/08/10
The boat was launched after reports came in of a man who had been hit by a speedboat propellor in the Leri channel. The boat was on scene in minutes, and assessed the casualty who had multiple deep lacerations, but none fortunately life threatening. First aid was administered, and sea king helicopter RAF Rescue 122 was called as the quickest method of transfering the casualty to Ysybyty Gywnedd and their specialist unit. Whilst serious, the injuries were not thought ot be life threatening, though of course the situation could have been far worse.  
Lifeboat week  
A very successful week, despite some questionable weather! Many thanks to everyone who came along to support us. Over £2500 was raised.


Aberdovey Helmsman Honoured July 2010

Aberdovey Helmsman Meurig Lumley has been houred with an invitation to the Queen's Garden party at Buckingham Palace, in recognition of 30 years loyal service to Aberdovey lifeboat


Lifeboat Week 2010  
Lifeboat Week 2010 will be as follows;
24th July - Flag Day, and Quiz night, 7pm
25th July - Abergynolwyn Silver Band - 3PM
26th July - Beach Games, 6.30PM
27th July - Annual Coffeee evening, 7 PM
28th July - Folk Evening, Dovey Yacht Club, 7PM, Tickets £5
29th July - BBQ from 6 PM, Raft Racing 7PM
30th July - Lifeboat Exercise 1230PM, followed by the Duck race. Ducks are available from the Lifeboat shop or the chemist


Aberdovey Helm running the London Marathon for the RNLI 10/04/10
Aberdovey senior Helmsman Robin Goodlad is running the London Marathon on 25th April, raising funds for the RNLI's Flood Rescue Team, with fellow team members Terry Webb from Southend station and Tobi O’neill from Portsmouth. They will be running as a team of three men carrying an inflatable lifeboat all the way.

The Flood Rescue Team exisit to respond to any flood anwhere in the UK or the world. No funding is recieved from the government for this work, therefore the team relies entirely upon voluntary contributions.

The Flood Rescue Team have also been at the forefront of UK Flood rescue over the last few years, in Cockermouth, Gloucester and Tewkesbury, as well as several international deployments.

If you wish to sponsor Robin, any donations will be gratefully received, either in the bucket in the station, or through his just giving web page link below;

Thank you! Please make a selection.

Lifeboat week 2010

Aberdovey Lifeboat week will be held in the week beginning 24th July 2010

  More details to follow once the plan of events has been finalised
Lifeboat launches now on your phone! 01/01/10

You can now be notified by text when Aberdovey lifeboat launches on a call out, and its a great way to contribute to the RNLI as well; you can decide how much to donate with each text. For more information, go to

for more information.

Aberdovey Lifeboat on the BBC! 09/12/09



Aberdovey lifeboat and the crew made an appearance on the BBC, in a programme called Living Dangerously, which featured a rescue carried out in May 2009. The edited version can be viewed on the view of the crew page.

Lifeboat Week 2009 25th-31st July

Aberdovey's annual lifeboat fundraising week with lots of fun events for the family and all ages. Please come along to help out or donate to this worthy cause in the village. finishing on the 31st with the Lifeboat demonstration exercise, followed by the infamous duck race! 1pm. Ducks can be bought from the station shop or from the chemist.

Saturday 25th - Flag day

Sunday 26th - Abergynolwyn Silver band 3pm, Beetle drive 7pm

Mon 27th - Beach games, 7pm

Tues 28th - Coffee evening 7pm

wed 29th - Howard's fun triathlon - 7pm

thurs 30th - quiz night 7pm

Fri 31st - Lifeboat demonstration followed by the duck race, 3pm

Windsurfer rescued from Aberdovey bar in rough conditions 27/05/09

The crew were paged at 1235 to a windsurfer disappearing towards the bar. A quick launch was required as coditions were very poor, with force 6 winds, a strongly ebbing tide and 4 metre waves. The man was spotted near the south spit buoy, however the boat had to detour inshore slightly to reach him, to avoid the worst of the breaking waves. The man was recovered quickly, however it was considered too dangerous to recover his equipment.

the full press release can be seen by following the link below;

The video footage can be seen by clicking on the image opposite. The complete rescue can be seen on the video page of the website.

Prestigious Photographic Award for Aberdovey Helmsman 16/05/09

Aberdovey Helmsman Robin Gooodlad has been awarded Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society for his journalistic portfolio portraying the RNLI in action, featuring Aberdovey and Barmouth Lifeboats, and the Flood Rescue Team. The ARPS is the second highest accolade awarded by the Society. A selection of the portfolio can be seen below.

Atlantic 85 in Aberdovey for trials   15/04/09

An Atlantic 85 lifeboat has visited the station to assess how one will fit in the boathouse. The 85 is the replacement for the 75, with one being due in Aberdovey in 3 years time. The trials were to assess any modifications which will need to be made the boat house, as the boat itself is one metre longer than 'Sandwell 'Lifeline'.

Fortunately it fits (just!) however there will need to be a few modifications made as the trailer is slightly wider, therefore it would be a very tight fit. These modifications will be complete by the time Aberdovey gets its very own Atlantic 85 in 2012.

Exercise with RAF Search and Rescue   12/04/09

The boat has been out on exercise with the Sea King from RAF Valley, training in winch and casualty transfer techniques, and to refresh crew with the difficult task of driving benath the Helicopter as the winch is lowered into the boat.

A great opportunity to see the boat and Aberdovey from the air, more photos in the gallery.


Running the London Marathon in Aberdovey!




Aberdovey's own Howard Crompton is running the full 26.2 mile London Marathon distance outside the station over easter week to raise funds for the RNLI in Aberdovey.
He has already reached his £2100 target, and is looking to raise more! Just to make life that little bit harder, he will be running in full RNLI wet weather kit! Come along over easter week to support him.


Dates for Lifeboat week 2009 announced  
Lifeboat week will be held from Saturday 25th- Friday 31st July
Howard to run the London marathon for the RNLI!   01/01/09

Hey You guys!!!

visit to donate
Some say I'm crazy, others say well done, some just laugh. But I'm inclined to say yeah I'll do it. I'm running the London Marathon in April 2009. I plan to raise £2100 for the RNLI. Ive been a RNLI Lifeboat crew member for 3 years. In that time I have rescued numerous casualties from kite surfers, wind surfers, broken down boats and some we unfortunately haven't been able to rescue. I'm on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and when my pager goes off I drop everthing to go and help that person at sea.
I wouldn't be able to rescue these people if it wasn't for the training I've had over the years. It's people like yourselves that donate money that keeps the RNLI going.
On race day I will be putting the names of everyone who has sponsored me onto my t-shirt. IF I get on TV I may well mention your name. Please help me raise this money every penny helps. A huge thankyou to everyone locals and tourists who have kindly donated £450 so far money keeps flowing into my donation bucket that is in the Lifeboat Station.

£2262 raised so far!!!!

2008 is the busiest year for the boat in over 10 years   01/09/09
2008 has been the busiest year in a long time with 32 shouts in total. See the launch page for more details.
Crew member Ian Jewell to paddle around the coast of Cornwall to raise funds for the RNLI   29/7/08
Ian Jewell, an active crew member with the Aberdovey RNLI will be forsaking the trusty lifeboat and outboard engines for a kayak and a set of paddles on a fund-raising trip around the Cornish coast in a couple of weeks time.
28 year old Ian is an instructor at the Outward Bound centre in Aberdovey and has been kayaking most of his life. He decided to do this expedition as a tribute to his late Grandfather who passed away earlier this year and as a way of raising funds for the RNLI station at Aberdovey.
Ian expects to start his passage from Plymouth on the south coast around 8th August, stopping en-route in Penzance for a family remembrance service for his Grandfather and finishing in Bude on the north coast. Ian expects the trip to take between 2 and 2½ weeks.
“I’m really looking forward to the challenge”, said Ian. “People have been really great when they’ve heard what I’m doing – the Outward Bound have let me have the time off and they and Reed Chill Cheater have both provided me with some specialist clothing for the trip.”
Anyone interested in supporting Ian can contact him on 07876 566906 or make a donation at
B758 'Sandwell Lifeline' back on station after refit   08/07/08
Our boat has returned from Cowes after its 3 yearly refit, in as-new condition ready to answer calls at sea. She is now fitted with the new 75 horespower yamaha engines, with a top speed of 34 knots.
9/06/08   Local fishing boat sinks on Aberdovey south spit
The boat is requested to make an immediate launch to a mayday call by Milford Haven Coastguard, to assist local fishing boat 'Persevere' which is sinking with 5 persons on board. The boat has taken on water through a large hole which appeared in the hull, and she was being washed into building surf on the south bank. All 5 persons were rescued and returned to Aberdovey safe and well.

Attempts were made to recover the 9 tonnne vessel, however this was not possible due to grounding and the weight of the boat. The crew made every effort to recover any loose items including diesel fuel cans to prevent any environmental impact, then marked the boat with anchors and buoys to prevent it becoming a hazard to other vessels in the area.

Aberdovey crew rescue woman who falls on rocks   08/06/08
The boat is called to assist the coastguard with a woman who has slipped on rocks at Tonfanau, with injuries that include a suspected broken wrist and knee.
To raise the stretcher up the loose cliffs between the beach and the road would have proved tricky, therefore the casualty was transfered to the lifeboat and brought back to a waiting ambulance in Aberdovey.
Third generation of family joins the crew   24/01/08
Three generations of the same family are active in Aberdyfi RNLI lifeboat station, Gwynedd, following the enrolment of 18-year-old Steve Bowen.
His father Dave and grandfather Alf are still involved at the station having served as a crew member and the deputy launching authority respectively. Steve is now a crew member and will serve beside his uncle Richard Garside on the station's Atlantic 75 lifeboat. He also appeared in an RNLI advertising campaign when he was a toddler. Another of Steve's uncles, Dave Davies volunteered with the RNLI for many years before hanging up his lifejacket to move to Shewsbury six years ago. The teenager's late uncle John Watt actively fundraised for the lifeboat station before he died in 1998. His grandfather is currently the deputy chairman of the station committee.

Steve, who has just completed his A levels, said he was swayed to join the RNLI crew because of the strong family connection. "In a small community like Aberydyfi, there is a good percentage of locals who are involved with at least one of the emergency services," he said. "I play a lot of sport, football for Aberystwyth Town and hockey for Dysynni team and regularly help out with hockey and football coaching sessions for local clubs, so I very much enjoy working with people and being part of a team. "That's what the RNLI is all about, but having so many friends and family involved at the station also swayed my decision to join."
His father, who now volunteers as the lifeboat station's press officer, explained that Steve had played a young child who had been rescued for the RNLI advert 16 years ago, and had been photographed on the jetty.
Aberdovey Crew Help with floods in Gloucestershire   24/07/07
Robin Goodlad and Phil Bresnen have spent four days with the RNLI working in Tewkesbury and Gloucester. Working as part of the RNLI's international flood rescue team, they were involved in the rescue of 120 people, four dogs and one budgie, over four days, In the worst flooding the area has seen for over 200 years. The team used D-class and Arancia (beach rescue) boats to complete the tasks.
Over 120 flood victims plus various pets, from budgies to dogs, were rescued during the RNLI’s deployment; including more than 50 flood victims in Worcestershire – where people were rescued from the roofs of their caravans in Hardlow, elderly residents were evacuated from a nursing home and a casualty was rescued from the water in Pershore. The RRU also went to the aid of people stranded by the floods in Droitwich, Kidderminster, Wick and Hawford.Over fifty people were also rescued in Gloucester and Tewkesbury – including the evacuation of a woman and her seven-month-old baby, a group of elderly people from the Royal British Legion Club, six people trapped in a pub and the evacuation of residents from a housing estate.
The RRU were also tasked to provide safety assistance at Castlemead and Welham Sub Power Stations, which were at severe threat from flooding. At Welham Power Station the RNLI RRU were the only emergency responders providing safety cover and the only escape route for the many people who were working hard to save it.
The RNLI RRU team also participated in the delivery of water, medication and emergency service personnel including paramedics, fire brigade and a doctor. They also met an ambulance to transfer a seriously injured patient to another ambulance waiting on the opposite side of the flood waters. The provision of safety advice to hundreds of homeowners who were camping-out in their homes, to children playing in or near moving water and to members of the public attempting to transport themselves through the flood waters in hastily prepared speedboats and vehicles was also a key part of their work.
During their deployment the RNLI RRU worked in coordination with Hereford & Worcester and Gloucester Fire and Rescue, and were based at local fire stations during the rescue.
Jetski and Speedboat Collision   22/08/07
The boat was returning from the rescue of a kitesurfer when it was urgently retasked to deal with a collision between a speedboat and a jetski in the estuary. The man on the jetski was injured in the water, so crew member ed davies entered the water to assess the casualty and stabilise him. The casualty was carefully loaded onto the stretcher, and then transfered to the boat. Realising the seriousness of his injuries Helmsman Phil Bresnen had already requested that the coastguard request the air ambulance, which he knew would transfer him to hospital far more rapidly. The basket stretcher used on the boat was too long for the air ambulance and rather than risk transfering the casualty to a smaller spine board, a decision was made to use rescue 122, which caused quite a stir when it landed on the beach packed with holidaymakers!
The casualty has since made a full recovery
The full story can be read in the Spring 2008 issue of 'The Lifeboat'